Evolution of the Psychic Empath

psychic empath

Empathy is essential the ability to emotionally identify with the emotions of others. While this is true at its most basic level, many individuals are far more sensitive than just this. There is a type of empathy which reaches deep to the psychic level and manifests as the ability to actually feel and sense other’s emotions and sometimes the thoughts around their emotions. This can be daunting as it begins to manifest.

Sometimes it is helpful to have the guidance of a psychic empath with experience to help you make it through this fabulous transition into a higher vibration on understanding the universe and those around you. Many people have felt this deeper relation to the feelings of others.

By sensing the emotions and thought vibrations of others, one can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it. Some people think they are going crazy because they may just feel people and not understand it is actually something which is a part of spiritual evolution and not a psychological disorder in any sense.

With proper guidance and understanding of your ability, you will learn to control it and perhaps make use of it to benefit others. Empaths often become healers because they can feel the root emotion of a diseases. Others evolve to levels where they are able to transform negative emotions into positive emotions and heal in this manner.

Regardless, psychic empathy is not to be discounted or quelled. It is better to accept that this is a growth of the spirit and it is an extension of compassion capable of being unrivaled by any negative force. One can use this empathic sensitivity to cultivate unconditional compassion and transmit it to ease suffering. Learning these techniques will help one to gain control of what seems like an uncontrollable sensitivity.