Why Was Gloving Banned?

Gloving originated at the Insomniac raves and was subsequently banned when a young girl overdosed. Many gloving enthusiasts feel that this was unfair since gloving does not have any association with drugs and that the negative stigma of raving itself carried over to gloving. Many gloving enthusiasts use the variations of EmazingLights gloves.

variations of EmazingLights gloves

Many people still love gloving and are trying to legitimize it and get the ban lifted. While you can’t go gloving at Insomniac raves anymore, you can still go gloving at many clubs. The founder and creator of EmazingLights gloves also started a gloving championship to showcase some of the talent in the gloving community. This championship involves hundreds of competitors gloving, qualified judges and sponsors. The goal of this championship is to recognize and reward the hard work and talent in the community while also introducing gloving as an art form to the public. By getting gloving away from the rave scene, the negative stigma around it starts to lessen. The most popular choice for gloving performances is still EDM and rave music, but other forms of dance can also be done using these gloves. Popular new choices like trap music combined with gloving has gained a lot of traction.

Gloving didn’t originate as a routine dance, but many gloving enthusiasts prefer to prepare a dance for a specific song. This allows them to practice and do the best job possible of giving a mesmerizing performance. Other gloving enthusiasts still prefer the spontaneity of dancing to the songs that the DJ chooses. Both freestyle and routine dances are acceptable forms of gloving within the community.

The community has the single goal of lifting the negative stigma from gloving and bringing it into the mainstream as a legitimate form of dance. They might still have a long way to go, but they’ve already made progress.